I drew this promo for the season finale.  It’s the last episode that I wrote and storyboarded on Adventure Time, and the first time I got to do a voice on the show as the character ‘Canyon’. I put a lot of heart into this one, I hope it comes through, and I hope it’s fun and funny and takes you somewhere you didn’t expect to go.  My thanks to everyone who worked/works on AT, especially to Pen and my partners Tom and Jesse.  I’m glad I got to be a part of this unlikely and wonderful show.



A watercolor of the tiniest Finn and Jake.

Waving the Wand

June 2, 2012

Hello! I’ve been consumed by storyboarding on Adventure Time, and long overdue on posting the last body of watercolors and sculptures from They Are Us show.
We start here: A portal was created, and life exploded from it.

The sky opened up and projected a bunch of us to the planet.
ark portal

This guy was put in charge of making more of itself.

Fantastic life forms appeared on Earth

This animal is a photosynthesizer.

Some things were made as curiosities.

Harmonious relationships are formed by many of the inhabitants.

The past never ends.

She is a she.

Ladies of the Blue Order are here to have mystical fun.

Dream homes are created and destroyed.

Every day life is weird.

These are connected to each other and wear colorful shoes.

We make the stars tell us stories.

Life is death, minerals, vegetables, animals, and everything else.

more to come soon.

It was in April at Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra. Here are three of the pieces I put in. I gotta look for the Wizard Battle concept sketch too.

The Barker. Watercolor, a tiny one. It’s from a part that got cut out of the episode “Go With Me”.

Title? Another tiny watercolor not from any episode, just for fun. The beast is based on a post it drawing I did to mark my progress/ count clean up pages.

Monumental Friend. Watercolor… Not from any specific episode, just something fun.

marking progress

August 4, 2010

The tedium of cleaning up a storyboard can make a person go nutty. The typical animated 11 minute episode is completed by a two person team, with each person responsible for 100-150 pages of drawing and writing. Each page consists of 2 panels.
The fun part of coming up with ideas and arranging the sequences is pretty much over by the time one is cleaning up a board, so I entertain myself by making these drawings with little circles to represent each page. I like to put the working title of the episode ( in this case, Masters of Romance), and the number of pages represented.
It’s more satisfying to finish a page when I can fill in the circles, and it gives me a worthwhile object of procrastination.

This post was another excuse for me to procrastinate.
I must now return to cleaning my last storyboard of the season, and frying the last of my brains.