Ako Castuera: Born in Claremont, CA.  Went to school at LACHSA and CCAC Former character designer on Metalocalypse and writer/storyboard artist on Adventure Time.


akoHandsHandsNeed a hand? CONTACT: dontchako@gmail.com


21 Responses to “About”

  1. elizabeth said

    hi ako!

    basically, you’re amazing.

    cyberly yours,

  2. thurop said

    I needa see more! Gimme more!

  3. Regie said

    Hello Ako

    I just saw your stuff on giant robot. I like the color and amount of story involved. I’d like to invite you to an art show I’m putting together themed FORCE FIELDS. It’s a benefit to get malaria nets to peple in africa. If you’d like to submit your stuff, that’d be pretty cool!

    check out our link-

    Regie Miller

  4. Ako, I think your work is amazing. I first found you through Giant Robot’s video series and was reminded of how I also used to think dinosaur bodies were under the hills! Anyway, it’d be swell to see your work on the East Coast, but I’m plenty happy looking at images online. Thank you, Sean.

  5. Robert_theRover said

    Hi, there; did you know Castuera is a village in southwestern Spain?

    mmmh do you have ancestry from Spain? or Latin America?


    • ako said

      Yes, all people with the last name Castuera originate from that village. The last of the Castueras left in the early 1600s. My people wound up in Mexico, where my father is from. I went there and they gave me free candy!

  6. James C. said

    love your stuff especially the watercolors and dinosaur inspired art. would love to see more..
    Keep up the good work ;^)

    p.s. love Adventure Time

  7. Susan Nakamura said

    Dear Ako,

    I love your work. So playful and powerful. I met your sister in Hawaii and she told me about you. Do you have a site where one can purchase your work?

    Thank you,
    Susan Nakamura

  8. stella lai said

    Beautiful work!

  9. laura johnson said

    Could you please get someone to make you a website and put out a newsletter about your shows? These ceramics are fantastic, I am a big MCM ceramic collector and your glazes are lovely, the forms refreshing. Just missed getting some of the better items in the GR show, but would love to know what is coming up! Thanks so much, Laura

    • ako said

      Thank you! I’ll have a site up within the next month. As you can see, managing an online presence is not my strong suit. I’ve been using all my time to build new work, and I look forward to sharing it on a new site, although I hope you’ll be able to see it in person. I’ll be in an exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California Art this April. Details:http://www.museumca.org/exhibit/superawesome

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