‘Imaginary Friends’ show at Gallery Nucleus

April 28, 2014

ImFriends Catch these guys at the ‘Imaginary Friends’ show at Gallery Nucleus now through 5/11/2014 http://www.gallerynucleus.com/gallery/exhibition/425 I have 3 new works that combine hand knitting with high fired ceramics.  I loved making these pieces! I used to spend all my time creating small creatures out of odd bits and scraps I collected from my grandpa’s fishing gear and my mom’s sewing box.  Making these new guys took me back to that time of total absorption and satisfaction. Sun Star Pal: IMG_3080 video of Sun Star Pal: http://virb.com/pages/gallery/edit/1490138#view

Super Birmaid on the needles: unnamed And finished: birman   Sun Star Kami front: size500_IF_AkoCastuera_EarthSkyKami_500 back:size500_IF_AkoCastuera_EarthSkyKami_detail1_500


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