The Portal (Mr. Mojo)

September 25, 2012

(photo by Jesse Moynihan)

This summer Xiem clay center allowed me to set up on the patio and come everyday for 20 days to build a large version of a 5 inch sculpture I had done earlier. It was the most fun I’ve had working on a project and also the most physically exhausting thing I’ve done since my Lord of the Flies adventure with Outward Bound when I was 15.
Time, space and opportunity coincided almost unbelievably to make this thing possible. Luck was another factor, and so was the generosity of the students, members, and staff at the studio. I was constantly forgetting my camera, so I’m really happy that others were willing to document some of this. Thanks Beth Katz for the progress photos!

These happy days of building were followed by the harrowing period of time when the piece was cut up, disassembled, left to dry, then finally loaded in the kiln to be treated to temperatures of over 2,000 degrees (cone 10). Nightmares kept me company for three weeks. When we unloaded the kiln there was some warping and cracking, but nothing exploded! I rejoice…Nothing exploded or cracked or warped beyond repair. Transporting the pieces to JANM was another bit of risky business, but thanks to Matt all went well. Here’s the guy, like a patient in pieces at the musem:
Here’s what the initial set up looked like, with mixed media treatment around the torso. Changed my mind last minute cause it felt cluttered.
(photo from Giantrobot website)

The Portal (aka Mr. Mojo, aka Kris Chau’s clay boyfriend) will be on exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum until January 20th.

Rob Sato, Kris Chau, Eric Nakamura and Clement Hanami helped me with the final set up. I’m enormously relieved and happy to have seen this through. Thanks to all who offered help and support.


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