June 25, 2012

I’m taking a break from storyboarding for the summer, and I’ll be deep in clay and paint and hopefully some textile stuff too. In the meantime, images from the last show will be trickling in through here as I organize them.

This is the one of the first things I made with a mix of the clay I dug up and the clay from the ceramic studio. I was so happy to see him come out of the kiln, the clay had transformed from red porous stuff into this beautiful metallic iron colored body, and I set him up like a mascot on my work table. He remains there to deter the fears that loom in my mind when I’m going into a creative head space.
In the studio

I learned the word “psychopomp” after reading a post on the excellent blog erratic phenomena. A psychopomp is an creature or deity who mediates between conscious and unconscious realms, the literal translation is ‘a guide of souls’.


4 Responses to “Psychopomp”

  1. J. W. Hankins said

    Very cool!

  2. a. martian said

    ah! one of my favorite words…and tanukilikes 🙂

    • ako said

      Cool! This Tanuki is less endowed than the ones I know you to covet. Maybe someday I’ll make one with giant cojones.

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