June 14, 2012

TinyShowcase has produced a small edition of prints featuring my painting “Rabbit Run”. The image is printed on heavy 290gsm natural white printmaking paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. The original painting is a watercolor on paint board, and was made for Giant Robot’s Year of The Rabbit show.

It’s an honor to be part of TinyShowcase. They make art affordable, help artists get exposure and profit from their work, and have a built in donation system for a charity chosen by the artist. The quality is excellent too. Everyone wins!

$250 of sales from this print will go to International Rescue Comittee.

Thank you TinyShowcase, and thanks to those who support them/me!


4 Responses to “TinyShowcase”

  1. Clare said

    Hi Ako! I’m thrilled at finding your work through Tiny Showcase and hoped you might have other prints available. Specifically, your Valley of Giants and Monumental Friend are amazing! Is there any hope for us east coasters who can’t attend your shows?

    (Those clay stagosauruses are wicked too!)

    In any case, just wanted to say *thank you* for Rabbit Run! It’s so cheery!

    • ako said

      Hi Clare, at the moment I have no specific plans regarding prints of other images, but thank you for your interest in my work! If/when I can get something like that going, I will post here.

  2. layla said

    I love Rabbit Run and would love a print but they have sold out, gutted, any chance of purchasing a print? Maybe an artists proof 🙂

    • ako said

      I’m sorry! I don’t have an artists proof. I meant to purchase a print too, but I was surprised that they sold out and never wound up with one either.
      I have no current plan to do another run of this image, but I will let you know if there is ever an opportunity to purchase a print. Thanks for your interest!

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