Ancient History: Adventure Time Art show

September 9, 2011

It was in April at Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra. Here are three of the pieces I put in. I gotta look for the Wizard Battle concept sketch too.

The Barker. Watercolor, a tiny one. It’s from a part that got cut out of the episode “Go With Me”.

Title? Another tiny watercolor not from any episode, just for fun. The beast is based on a post it drawing I did to mark my progress/ count clean up pages.

Monumental Friend. Watercolor… Not from any specific episode, just something fun.


7 Responses to “Ancient History: Adventure Time Art show”

  1. ako said

    Did you do these?

  2. h4x said


  3. Ed said

    Id be very interested in purhSing works like these

    • ako said

      Hi Ed, I may have some concept work, but at the moment everything from Adventure Time is in storage. I’ll let you know when I have a chance to look through it, hopefully in the next month.

  4. Ed said

    Hi ako, have you had a chance to look at you stored art, yet? 🙂

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