Another Day

January 15, 2011

“Don’t Be Alarmed: New Work by Kris Chau and Ako Castuera” opened in October at Rowan Morrison Gallery in Oakland. Many, many thanks to Kris, Narangkar and Pete, and to Rob, who made it possible for me to get this show up and keep my marbles from spilling out of my head. The piece below is titled “Another Day”. It’s a watercolor.

And another watercolor, from which the detail in the post below was culled, Titled “Exploso”

Someday I’ll tile the scans so I can post this one in its entirety, but for now here’s a detail of “The Rising Fall” (watercolor).


2 Responses to “Another Day”

  1. Rich said

    i haven’t admired an artist for a long time, but finally, i see something wall worthy. you had a really interesting piece like the volcano over at GR2 which caught my attention. it was the one with dinosaurs flying around this flying mountain with wavy roads and homes which transitioned between real and mosaic.

    anyway, just giving props to Ako.

    keep it up,


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