sketch heap catch- up

August 2, 2009


I have a few sketchbooks that are simultaneously in use. Most of the drawings are junk. Then there are the heaps and piles of drawings and scribbles on random paper that get scattered and recollected in different heaps as time goes by. I used to feel like a sketchbook was a destination and a refuge. Tickets, tabs, receipts, fortunes, photos and ephemera were collected in there, documenting my activities and purchases. They functioned as phone and address books. They were recreational piss contest mini monuments, and my best friends from school and I carried them around with us all the time.

I spent a month and a half in Europe, and I spent hours every day drawing. The last day of my trip I was with my sister in Italy, where we were mistaken for rich Japanese tourists and robbed at knife point by some jerks driving an expensive looking red convertible! I like to imagine the disappointment of the well dressed young men who held us up when they opened my bag to find only a leaking wad of greasy aluminum foil, 7 dollars, and my sketchbook.
I never felt at home again in a sketchbook the way I did before that trip, but I also think it has something to do with the timing, which was around 2001. Terrorism, internet, cell phones.. I will place the blame vaguely on them for now. My point is, I don’t keep up a nice sketchbook anymore. Still, I like drawing more than ever, and I don’t mind living among drifts of loose papers. But! I want to put SOME drawings somewhere so I’m putting them here where they won’t get wrinkled, stained or stepped on!

Before my sketchbook got stolen I xeroxed some pages with the intention of mailing them to friends (above and below images).


Above: Guanajuato 2005. I used to carry a lot of tape and an exact-o knife every day for moments like this.


One Response to “sketch heap catch- up”

  1. thurop said

    holy shit these are incredible…

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